Solutions to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Getting into fitness and weight loss are the two most common New Year resolutions – which quite often, are the most difficult to maintain. Adopting a drastic change in routine and behaviour may sound easy, but in reality, the goal after a few weeks is quickly abandoned.

Below, we offer some insight on what can help you move, believe, and go the distance.

What you need to know to succeed

  • Aim high, but be realistic. Performance gradually increases with progress. People often overestimate their abilities and motivation and disengage from the goal when it becomes clear that this goal is unachievable. Be rational and realistic when laying down your strategies.
  • Focus on short-term rewards because they motivate a real change in behaviour. We are often driven with seeing immediate results and so it is recommended to consider how great we’re going to feel after a workout is complete or what our fitness goals will look like in a few weeks’ time.
  • If you start a new workout, remember to take it easy. One mistake that people often make is to go on a program that is very advanced for their abilities. If you are not in good physical condition, you will quickly become demotivated and lose sight of your goals.
  • Perform rituals. Including physical activity in one’s schedule implies making it a habit. Designate a moment of the day for you to focus on your fitness goals. It is important to know that each person gets into the habit of things at different rates: for some it will take 18 days, for others 265 (the average is 66 days).
  • Use a physical activity-tracking tool to measure your progress but do not rely solely on it. Self-monitoring, that is to say, measuring your own desires, strength and performance, helps to make you feel responsible for your progress.


Some products we LOVE to help kick-start your fitness routine this year.


25039_5The NordicTrack C 850s treadmill delivers a realistic running experience with a smooth rolling surface for walking, jogging or running. A powerful 2.75 CHP motor is built to run quietly, so you don’t wake up your family during early morning runs. To make running a little more comfortable, the FlexSelect™ Cushioning allows you to customize your running surface based on your preference. With an adjustable incline of up to 12% and a maximum top speed of 12 mph, you can make workouts as intense as you’d like.





Get fit fast when you have the ProForm Jump-N-Step for your daily dose of cardio. This 3-in-1 product includes a textured step platform, mini trampoline, and adjustable-length resistance bands so you can work your lower and upper body in a single workout.




Boost your total-body workout intensity with The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z elliptical. With 20 degrees of incline and 20 resistance levels, you can burn more calories and build lower body strength. Its console offers 20 onboard programs, goal settings, also being iFit capable. It’s a trainer perfect for users of all levels, offering the possibility to undergo light to intense cardio workouts, interval workouts, build strength and stamina, and of course, lose weight. You can actually burn up to 700 calories per hour on it, or more if you engage in a more demanding workout.


You may come across many more reasons to include fitness as part of your new year’s resolution, which could vary from weight loss to overall well-being. What is very important however, is remembering to do this for yourself. You are your main motivator.


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