Making Family Time Matter this Holiday Season!

The winter holiday season is just around the corner. Usually, what this brings for most households is a mishmash of decorating, buying presents, attending holiday parties, and making baked goods. It can be easy to lose sight of what is truly important – your time, and being present for your loved ones.

Make a pact with yourself that this year will be different. Time is something we can never get back. Cherish moments with your children, aging parents and grandparents.

Making Meaningful Connections during the Holidays

Truly being present with family, creating lasting memories, and feeling a sense of connection is not only fun, but good for your overall health and wellness.

As you are shopping, baking and celebrating family traditions, here are some ideas of how to create meaningful connections for all generations during the holidays:

Prep for the holidays together! When preparing for the holidays, explore ways to engage both the young and old in your family in tasks like decorating your (and their) home, baking goodies or even sending out holiday cards. You not only check items off your list, but you help create warm connections and opportunities for sharing favourite memories from the past.

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Play board games or cards
We’ve all been at family get-togethers where you find it hard to connect due to either physical or emotional distance that life has created. Games are a great icebreaker and help gather everyone around a common experience, regardless of the age. Playing games during the holidays promotes healthy competition, opportunity for good humour fun and jokes, and even improves your health by stimulating your brain and encouraging social interaction.

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Limit Technology Use
Technology can both connect and disconnect us from people in our lives.  When we’re posting, sharing, liking and commenting in the digital world, we’re not really present in our family gathering. When visiting aging parents or grandparents for the holidays, make sure it’s quality time. Encourage your loved ones to share stories and engage with them as much as possible. Your kids will enjoy learning things you didn’t know, and your parents will benefit from the social interaction.

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Happy Holidays from Tepperman’s!


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