Getting the Party Startled…

Halloween is fast approaching! So if you haven’t already started, it’s time to start preparing your decorations and items for this spooktacular day.

From scary outdoor and indoor decor, to small desserts for your Halloween party, here are 3 quick and easy ideas to transform your décor this season and bring your imagination to life.

1. Boo-gie Nights!  Halloween Paper bags!

Paper Bags.jpg
CASA © Joe Oliveira

These lanterns are perfect for embellishing a wall of stones or to place them on your front lawn. Trace the letters with a pencil on each bag laid flat, then insert a good amount of newspaper inside, so as not to spoil the other side of the bag by cutting the letters. Punch a few holes to represent stars, then glue orange cellophane inside. Light up with warming candles in Mason jars as this will limit the risk of fire, and their weight will keep the bags in place.


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2. Eat, Drink and be Scary! Table Decoration

© Homedit

This Halloween, it’s hard to resist not going all out with decorating the exterior of your place, but even harder to ignore the possibilities for an elaborate indoor experience! From creating dummy spider webs, carved pumpkins, candy corn-filled mason jars, orange and black balloons… the possibilities to create the ultimate Halloween-inspired table are endless!

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3. Me and my ghoulfriends!

Spooky Brownies – Click Here for Recipe

Spooky Brownies.jpg
© Betty Crocker

Here’s a creative idea for some fun while baking! Create this scrumptious dessert by using your favourite brownies recipe. We recommend this version* for a no-fail version! To save time, cut up the cooled brownies into equal square portions. Place a large marshmallow on top of each brownie bite and pour white icing over the ‘mallow and brownie bite to create this spooky effect. Use dark icing (sold in individual and small tubes) to make the eyes and mouth of these little ghouls and delight your guests!




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Use these tricks and ideas to make your Halloween a success!

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