Keep Your Leather Luxurious

Leather can definitely spice things up! Not to mention that it’s one of the most durable and low-maintenance materials in which you can invest.  Cleaning can be tricky but by following some simple steps, you can make your leather maintenance a breeze.  Here is what you can do to clean and maintain your leather upholstery… and keep it looking brand-spanking-new!


Spills on any leather surface should be removed as soon as possible before they soak in and remain permanent.  In the case of a leather emergency, here is what you can use:

  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  • Distilled water
  • Non-detergent liquid soap, such as Neutrogena or Dove
  • Soft white microfiber cloths, drop cloth, commercial leather conditioner (optional)

***FYI: Warranty can be voided if improper chemicals are used on leather furniture***

7 Steps to Cleaning Your Leather:

  1. Put down a drop cloth to catch any water drips
  2. Remove dirt by vacuuming the furniture piece using the brush attachment
  3. Add a few drops of mild non-detergent soap to distilled water to create a cleaning solution. Moisten a microfiber cloth with the solution.
  4. Test an inconspicuous spot with the cloth to make sure there’s no discoloration from soap and water.
  5. Working from top to bottom, wipe the furniture
  6. Dampen another cloth with plain distilled water and wipe the furniture again
  7. Dry with a clean towel

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