Decorate Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are used for many things: a decorative piece for your living room, a place to set your drink, somewhere to store your gadgets, or even a place to kick up your feet for those lazy days.

…BUT we also know that it can become a cluttered mess and it’s everyone’s favourite place to leave all their things that end up piling up.

Don’t fear, we’re here to help minimize your coffee table clutter problems to create the perfect decorative table for your living space.

The Rule of 3 ( is a perfect guide to consider when styling your coffee table.  A collection of three items will help make your coffee table fit right into your room, and not look like a cluttered mess.  (Quick Tip: A little symmetry goes a long way!)

What items should you consider when designing your coffee table:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Greenery or Plants
  • Candles
  • Candy and/or Chocolate
  • Accessories
  • …Your remote controls and gadgets (cause we all know that’s where they’ll end up!)

Put your creative mind to the test and style your coffee table the way you like it! If you want your coffee table to stand out and be the centre of attention in your living room, be sure to set a tone and create a design that best suits you!

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