Laundry Be Gone

Unless spaghetti stains are the new trend, you’re going to need to wash your clothes on a regular basis.  You may dread it but deep down, you know it’s worth it.  Who doesn’t love putting on a warm sweater straight out of the dryer?

There are so many options, but some just stand above the rest so we highly recommend you keep reading for a special look into Samsung’s latest washer technology.

WF45K6500AV_A2_006_R-Perpsective_Black.jpgWhen you’re trying to wash every last piece of clothing, sometimes you find some hidden gems deep in the laundry basket right after you have just pressed start on your washing machine. Have no fear, Samsung’s AddWash door technology is here!

Easily add clothing mid-cycle… Defiant socks that just won’t give in, hand-wash only items that only needs a rinse or a spin dry, even after you’ve already pushed the button when most washers have been locked until the end of the cycle.

Time-crunch? The Superspeed feature reduces cycle length to get you the clothes you need, when you actually need them!  Features like SpeedSpray utilize powerful jets to rinse quickly and clean faster.  VRT plus technology ensures that the drum is balanced, dramatically reducing spin cycles… So get muddy, you got time to play.

Haul it all! A large 5.8 cu.ft. capacity means you can quickly wash piles of laundry in a single load, saving you time and money, without the burden of frequent washes.

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Save Your Money! The Samsung front-load washer with AddWash is Energy Star certified.   This means more spare change in those freshly washed pants.  Save it for a rainy day, jump in a puddle, get dirty; Samsung washers and dryers have you covered when your clothes have been covered with whatever life throws at you.

The Samsung AddWash Washer gives a second chance to all the socks who just want to stay with their partners, and makes sure you have all the outfits you need to take on the world! And of course, an energy-saving dryer will save you money and the environment! Win-Win!

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