Good Night, Sweet Dreams 😴

It’s not very likely that you’ll be at your best on just 105 minutes of sleep but the right sleep set up will make all the difference in the world. Get the full 8 hours you need to take on the world.

If you want to get the sleep of your dreams, your mattress is a good place to start…

Your mattress has to match your specific sleeping need.  Choosing your mattress is like choosing your clothes; you have to find the one that fits! First, you need to consider the amount of support you prefer.  If you are lacking aches and pains, a softer mattress may be your preference but joint pain may require support in specific areas.


This lead into the next thing you must consider: pressure relief.   It is very important that your spine maintains a neutral position during sleep, especially if you have chronic back pain, or any chronic joint pain for that matter.  Each section of your spine requires different levels of support so make sure you have a mattress that takes care of you from head to your toes so you don’t have to go from the bed down to the floor just to get the support you need.

At Tepperman’s we offer a variety of mattress styles and brands: Kingsdown, Posturepedic, Simmons, Serta, Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster. Each one designed to provide an excellent night’s sleep.

Find Your Perfect Sleep Now!

Having the right pillow will put your mind, head, and neck at ease so you can sleep through the night, every night.

Bed Gear pillows are flying off the shelves at Tepperman’s faster than the sheep you areAlpine-Family_2 counting to fall asleep!  These high performing pillows are made of materials that will keep you cool and dry all night so all sides are the cool side of the pillow.   Sounds like a dream come true to us!  Plus, not only are they soft and breathable, but hypoallergenic also…so allergies be gone!

Get the pillow that’s right for you by finding your Bed Gear Pillow I.D. here:

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Sleep easy tonight, and every night, knowing you have the perfect mattress and pillow combination for your specific sleep needs.  Quit day dreaming about the perfect night’s sleep and get in to Tepperman’s to make it a reality!

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