Leather Forever

Leather seating is the essence of luxury.  You can’t beat the combination of beauty, quality, durability, and smell.  The smooth, clean look of leather matches perfectly with vibrant patterns to create a flawless, classy look all over your home.

Storage Chests & Tables

There never seems to be enough storage space around the house, especially if you plan CO-T913-20_2on keeping your home organized.  Coffee tables that can also act as a storage unit? Sounds practical and organized to me! Even if it’s not a coffee table, chests can hold your treasures or whatever else you need to keep out of the way.

When making an addition to any room, make sure you take style and size into account so that the room stays clutter-free.  Blend them into your leather with similar tones and styles.  Style, beauty, and functionality are the best trio to come along since Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Accent Chairs & Pillows

If you already have leather seating, make sure it doesn’t fade into the background. 651019_1Leather provides you with a perfect canvas to add a *POP* of colour to every room.  Vibrantly coloured accent chairs and pillows will help you find each room’s unique personality.

*Try changing up your pillows with the seasons.  Warm reds and oranges in the fall and winter, fresh blues and greens in the spring and summer will create a stylish, but trendy atmosphere. *

Adding the right accessories and accents will make sure your leather looks good for a lifetime, which is exactly how long it will last!

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