Maximize Your Space

No matter the size of your living space is, there is always room to add BIG style and make the most of what you have!  To save your time, we’ve created a list of helpful hints…

  1. Get Cleverpami-3pc-k_2

Furniture pieces with multiple functions are very valuable when you are trying to save space.  Your combination clock-pen isn’t exactly what we had in mind but you are on the right track.  The lift-top chaise has roomy compartments for extra storage and built-in sleepers to make sure you have enough room to have all the sleepovers you want without making anyone sleep on the floor.


  1. Think Outside the Closet

SC-10260-Q_2_4Sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to store your treasures in your bedroom so a treasure sleep-chest is the obvious solution.  Except, instead of treasures you’d be securing all of your extra blankets and on a cold, rainy day those are as good as gold.  Not only does it provide storage, it doubles as your own personal comfort island.  Now you have a spare bed, and a spare closet.  Don’t forget the handy pull-out drawer to keep everything you need within arm’s reach, because who wants to get out of bed?


  1. Create a 2-in-1 Roomco-3590139_4

Turn your living room into a 5-star hotel room with another magical piece of furniture; the sleeper sofa.  The only pain in the neck your guests should experience is the yappy dog next door waking them up.  Your guests will sleep in peace and so will you knowing that you won’t have to provide massages in the morning.  Turn your living room into a guest bedroom in a matter of minutes.


  1. Contain the Clutter

Keeping your home organized means that everything has a place; that place being anywhere but the floor.  Organize your rooms and make clean-up simple with bookcases and storage cabinets.  A mix of baskets on these cubby style shelves (below) adds easy storage for books, toys and any odd and end.



  1. Kitchen Convenience

Any piece of furniture can have multiple uses.  Dining tables can be for more than just family meals and helping the kids with their homework with under-table drawers, quickly stash away table cloths, placemats, or those tasty treats you want to keep to yourself.  You can also quickly remove and store any distractions during homework or meal time! Convenience? I think so!


No matter how big or small your living space is you can make it work with the convenience of multi-function furniture. Multi-tasking made easy!

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