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Ah yes – It’s that time of year again; some (parents) may even say it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler. It’s Back to School and for some, that means leaving home and moving into a dorm room.

Sure, the bathrooms may be crowded and the hallways smell like socks but college is a great time to create your own space while living with your closet friends. Your dorm room can become a personal oasis with some creativity and a few craft supplies.

Dixie Cup Garland

Upgrade from kitschy Christmas lights to charming string lights. The best part about this DIY is the ability to customize each Dixie cup individually that suits your personal style.


DIY Dixie Cup Garland via Hey Gorg

Tape Frames

Instead of cluttering your desk with photo frames, an easy and chic alternative is framing prints, photographs, magazine clippings…etc. with different coloured washi tape that won’t leave stains or marks behind. The best part about this DIY “gallery wall” is the ability to change your images frequently. We suggest taping up images that inspire you, much like a vision board.


DIY Tape Frames via Design Sponge

Succulent & Supply Holder Bookends

Another easy way to de-clutter your space is with a desk organizer/planter/bookend (Say that 3 times fast). What we love most about this super innovative supply holder is the memo board for daily reminders and the little added touch of green! Succulents are very low maintenance and come in a variety of colours – a perfect plant for a beginner.


Succulent & Supply Holder Bookend via I Spy DIY


Gold Memo Board

If you are less likely to remember that mid-term test on Monday or that meeting with your professor mid-week, then a full sized memo board is your best option. Bypass the typical wood-framed corkboard you’re used to seeing, and try this super modern memo board. It’s chic, simple, and easy to make!

Gold Memo Board via Made Up Style

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