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If you have a family or a social life, then there is a very good chance you spend some time in your living room.  The living room can be the most versatile room in your home, why should the furniture in there be any different?  A simple rearrange can turn it into a special event, a home theatre or even a guest bedroom.

Our line of Palliser seating offers custom order options including almost endless styles, patterns & colours. Not to mention a great selection of sofas, sectionals and home theatre seating and it’s all made right here in North America.  Palliser focuses on quality, style, and commitment to durability.

Let’s take a look at the different styles, because everyone has different tastes…. We guarantee you’ll be able to find something that fits your and your family’s personalities:


It’s hard to have a complete living room without the right sofa.   It’s almost as if it’s the centre piece of them room, especially when you make the right choice.  You can match your look from modern to a futuristic level with turn-of-the-century traditional fabrics.  The possibilities are endless!


Space on the couch becomes increasingly valuable the bigger you inner circle gets.  Here is where sectionals swoop in to save the day!   Have enough space for everyone to sit and that one person who always manages to pass out before everyone else.  The lounging sections will send smelly feet to a galaxy far, far away.   Plus, if that nap turns into a sleepover, a pull out bed will save everyone the trouble of waking up feeling 89 years old.

Theatre Seating

The movie theatre is the definition of fun, but it’s not always easy to get there.  While it might be nice to have a smiling face to fill up your popcorn bag, you can bring the theatre to you, including the comfy seats.  Tepperman’s offers all the bells and whistles when it comes to your very own home movie theatre: reclining plush seats with cup holders and storage compartments.  Need I say more?  Ahhh, we can hear the candy bags being opened up now and the previews starting.  Let’s get you a seat today!

Palliser Pacifico

Power up with Palliser throughout the month of May! What’s that? Special bonus?

Upgrade to power reclining on Palliser products at no additional cost!  Live in luxury, save some money and spend time with loved ones.  That’s a lot of winning all at once.  Come in to any Tepperman’s today and try some styles out!


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