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Is there anything water can’t do?  You cook with it, you clean with it, and it even keeps you alive! We all need it. Harness the power of the deepest oceans with the appropriate water softener system.  It’s energy efficient, healthier, and just makes sense.

So, what exactly is a Water Softener?

Water Softeners remove the hard-water materials from your water supply: calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.  Hard water causes soap scum to accumulate much faster, makes you use more soap/detergent when cleaning, mineral build-up can clog pipes and the abrasive minerals can dry out your skin.

How do WaterBoss Water Softeners work?

Resin beads within the system act as magnets to exchange the coarse minerals in your water to minerals that are much less abrasive. In other words, go from sandpaper to silk in a matter of 15 minutes.

(Image from WaterBoss Canada)
(Image from WaterBoss Canada)

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a water softener, it is easy to doubt the effectiveness of what they can do.  To help give you an idea of what benefits you and your family will see, we compiled a list for you:

  • Cleaner, shinier silverware and glassware – no more spots!
  • Softer, cleaner, smoother hair and skin – less abrasive!
  • Reduce shampoo and soap usage by 75% – soft water, more lather!
  • Water-heavy areas stay cleaner, longer – reduced mineral deposits!
  • Use less water to do the same amount of work – save 24% on energy and hydro bills!
  • Fabrics last longer, maintain colours – no coarse minerals to shred through your favourite clothes!
  • AND all of your water dependent appliances will live longer – coffee makers, kettles, dishwashers and more!

Get a closer look at the two WaterBoss Water Softener Models we have in-stores now:


WaterBoss 900
WaterBoss 700

Water is life, without it we would perish.  They don’t go looking for apple juice on other planets.  Make sure your water supply is benefiting you instead of drying out your skin, ruining your clothes, clogging your pipes and creating messes all over your house.

For more information on our WaterBoss products, visit us in-stores now!

(Facts & Figures provided by WaterBoss Canada)


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